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  Products - Pryor - Marking equipment and tools
†††††Edward Pryor was founded in 1849 and since then has established a reputation of a single source of marking solutions for any job. Equipment and tools manufactured in Sheffield are known and exported all around the world. Some products are unique and were invented by the company to solve different customer requirements.
†††††The range of products is vast: conventional hand punches, eurotype inserts, presses, marking heads, numbering heads, dot pin marking machines, scribing machines, electrochemical etching equipment, laser engraving machines, stencils and dies.
†††††In many cases it is difficult to find a solution that will suit your job, but by asking the qualified stuff, they will advise you a solution or develop it for you tacking in to account your requirements.

†††††For more information on products provided by this company please view the Russian pages or visit the respective company web site from the links section.

[Punches] ††Punches

Quality hand punches and type that are good for any job manufactured from specially treated alloy. Standard numbers, Latin, Cyrillic, Scandinavian alphabetical characters, special shapes, custom made logo dies.
[Press] ††Marking press

Automation of marking with the help of special impact presses, marking heads, automatic numbering heads for efficient and quick marking of products.
[Marking machines] ††Dot pin marking machines

Innovative full CNC controlled high speed dot pin marking machines. Simple to program, efficient and quick marking on most materials and surfaces. Ideal and most popular solution for marking small steel components and aluminium labels. Can mark materials up to 62 HRc hardness.
[Laser marker] ††Laser marking machines

Modern NdYAG and Diode powered laser marking and engraving workstations. High speed marking on most materials, high contrast, quality and colour marking.
[Electrochemical etching] ††Electrochemical etching

Equipment and consumeables for electrochemical etch marking. High quality marking, quick and economical process for marking hard materials.
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