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†††††Some of the companies we represent in Russia.

†††††Currently the english pages are under development, please visit the Russian pages or respective company sites for more detailed information on their products.
[ABSOLUTE VISION] Handheld and industrial 2D DataMatrix readers.
[BLACKFAST] Room temperature blacking solutions.
[ELECTRONICA (EMS)] DRO, Magnetic scales, Optic scales, Encoders, Height Gauges, CMM.
[EUROPA TOOL] End mills, drills and inserts...
[GAMOR] Powerful hydraulic drilling and tapping machines.
[G&J HALL] Powerbor electromagnetic drilling machines, annular hole cutters and other tools.
[HI-LIFE TOOLS] Thread rolling dies...
[KONRAD] Tungsten carbide rods and blanks.
[MATRIX] Precision CNC external and internal thread grinding machines.
[MORRISFLEX] Tungsten carbide rotary burrs, abrasive mounted points and wheels.
[NEWALL] Digital Readouts (DRO) and Linear Encoders.
[PRYOR] Punches, type, logo dies and marking equipment.
[STARRETT] BiMetal Band saws, hacksaw blades, measuring tools.
[TOTAL CARBIDE] Special blanks and tools from tungsten carbide.
[XYZ] ProtoTRAK CNC Lathes and Turret Mills. High performance CNC machining centres.
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