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  Products - Electronica Mechatronic Systems (EMS)
†††††Electronica Mechatronic Systems is a division of Electronica Group of companies. Electronica Mechatronic Systems (EMS) specialises in development and manufacture of different digital measurement systems and equipment. Economical and robust products based on magnetic technology are revolutionizing the industry.

†††††For more information on products provided by this company please view the Russian pages or visit the respective company web site from the links section.

[DRO]  DRO - Digital Readout Systems

DRO's for refurbishment and equipment of all types of machines: lathe, mill, grinding... DRO's for metrology applications. Compact battery powered DRO's.
[Magnetic scales]  Enclosed magnetic scales

Compact enclosed magnetic scales with good level of protection. Economical solution to retrofitting small machines. Flexible modular scales for large machines. Hi resolutions up to 1 um.
[Tape scales]  Magnetic tape scales

Very easy to assemble and to create your personal economical measurement system. Mostly used for large measurements where scale protection against harsh conditions is not a problem.
[Optical scales]  Optical glass scales

Optical glass scales with high resolutions up to 0.1 um. Can be used as direct replacements for many old/other manufactures optical scales.
[Height Gauges]  Height Gauges

Very easy to use, yet very advanced measurement equipment for precise measurement of your products. Robust design allows to use this precise measuring equipment in harsh conditions of the workshop.
[CMM]  CMM - Coordinate Measurement Machines

Manual, motorised and full CNC coordinate measurement machines suitable for most jobs at affordable prices.
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